Young Blood

If you search what Fabrikanterne means in English, google will translate it as “manufacturers”. We couldn’t agree more with google on this because it does capture the essence of what we continuously aim to stand for. “I have always envisioned Fabrikanterne as a community where we can spread the collaborative spirit of creation” shares Marit. “Dannelse” from the Danish vocabulary is loosely translated as the “holistic way of thinking about and approaching design” and we constantly look for ways to nudge people to embrace and find their respective role in the creation process.

That’s why it comes to no surprise that we are so thrilled with our newest addition to our community. Beginning of the year, the Vejle Production and Education Center (VPU) moved into our space and set up their workshop together with 15 of their students. “At VPU we also believe in empowering young blood through workshop-based learning and practical training” says Ann Malmskov, an equally dedicated Maker and guidance councilor at VPU since 2014.

VPU is a privately owned educational center for students aged 16-25 years old who are trying to find their passion in spite of having gone through challenging or even abusive experiences. With over 100 youngsters enrolled, the students are given a variety of disciplines to choose from depending on their areas of interests and strengths. The program lasts over one year with regular evaluation every 3 months based on an individual course plan. “Constant and open dialogue with the students on their progress is key to our framework. Our goal is to ensure that most of the students can smoothly transition from VPU to their preferred field of education or work after having acquired practical, social and professional skills during their stay with us” explains Ann.

The VPU workshop specializes in textile products and they have been busy with making dog-shaped door-stoppers, bunnies for our last Easter hunt and most recently the simple yet ultra useful foldable storage bins. The talented and creative youngsters also work hand-in-hand with our Fabrikants through assisting them on assigned projects. That way, they get to see the behind-the-scenes of the creation process while also helping our Makers. Just like us, the VPU workshop encourages every student to create something and be a Maker. Ann shares that “creating things with their own hands and seeing with their very own eyes how they can make something out of repurposed materials gives our students a sense of empowerment. It gives them a boost of confidence and helps them in discovering their talents and passions. Also, since we have private and public clients who order from us, we need to deliver quality products. Meeting the quality benchmark is very satisfying for us because it re-affirms us of a job well done”.

As an active member of the Urban & Cultural Development Planning of the Vejle Kommune, Marit reveals “I have always believed that instilling the value of creation amongst the young blood of Vejle can help shape a healthy and creative community, not just for Fabrikanterne but also our Kommune as a whole. We hope to continually grow our community and engage young and old in the design process that includes not only products but also the way we live and interact with each other. ”

With the New Blood buzzing with their energy we are one step closer to becoming a truly interactive and collaborative creative community and we look forward to find new ways to mold the Makers of our future. If you want to know more about VPU, you can check out their website or simply drop by to see with yourself what the Young Blood of Vejle has in store for you!

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