Patterns Unfolded

Surrounded by all the neutral hues and minimalist lines of the Scandinavian design palette, Patternlike bravely breaks the ice with its vibrant and whimsical aesthetics. “Maybe it’s the quirky rebel in me but I often find myself going against the flow,” confesses Junette. A quick look at the collections is a feast for the eye and one can’t help but be infected with the happy-gene of colors and patterns.

With a formal training as E-designer and a specialization in surface design, Junette decided pursue her passion full-time in 2004. When it comes to inspirations she turns to various artisan crafts and techniques from cultures around the world. Her creative process involves reinterpreting what she has discovered from the “outside” and adding her own twist to it. At the moment, she is busy with her collection of wood balls décor, which is her take on the Japanese Temari balls. While the former is made out of layers of thread, Junette uses upcycled wood balls and paints these with intricate patterns. From grids and lines, the lifeless patterns come to life with her keen eye for pastel color combinations.

Her craft also includes felt-puppet making, paper mache figurines, custom morse code bracelets and much more. “I don’t like doing anything repeatedly that is why every pattern and project I venture into is unique. I love experimenting with various techniques and materials. Currently I am nursing my obsession with the art of paper folding ” she shares with excitement.

Junette is also the founder of the UPCOMERS market, which gives start-up designers and makers a venue to showcase their products. Her journey started when she herself was looking for a place to sell her Patternlike collections but couldn’t find the proper channels. In true girl-scout fashion, she took on the challenge together with a group of likeminded folks and organized the first UPCOMERS market in 2014 with 30 participants. Today the UPCOMERS market is a much sought-after bi-yearly event both for the exhibitors and the curious shoppers with more than 4000 visitors.

For the near future, Junette wants to expand even more and envisions a merging of her two companies, Patternlike and UPCOMERS. While enjoying the process of making her Patternlike pieces she looks forward to orchestrate a community where people get to tap into unknown creativity. “One of the things that I enjoy the most is to be part of people’s journey towards unfolding their hidden talents. It makes me happy and fills me with pride when I witness that moment when they realize how creative they can be.”

Like the vibrant and intricate patterns of her Patternlike collections, Junette continues to unfold as a creative and generously shares this with people around her; a mark of a true seasoned artist.