Lucya Read

Born into a family of artists in the UK, Lucy is a multi-disciplinary Maker with a specialization in textile and material manipulation. She moved to Denmark only last November 2015 when her boyfriend landed his dream job at Lego. “The timing was perfect,” she recalls; “I already got my MA in textile design by that time when Mark got the awesome news. I was so excited for him and also for me because it was such a promising fresh start for the both of us”. So two weeks after arriving in Vejle she wasted no time to get started with her dream. “ I came across an article that made me realize that we are no longer limited to looking for jobs, but that we live in an age where we can create our own. Also, I thought that there is no better way to integrate into a new country than to be part of a creative community such as Fabrikanterne”. Back home Lucy was the co-director of the organization Applied Arts Un.Ltd. and as such soon felt at home amongst the group of Makers at the Fabrikanterne. “I love that I get to talk to people and hear their feedback on my work. This way I get to tell the story behind my creations and interact with people who I would usually never get a chance to talk to.”

As an Artist, one of the things that Lucy is intrigued with are the lips. “Our lips form a space between our mouth and it is one of the parts that touches itself the most. It represents femininity and the complexity of our senses. This inspired me to create a multi-faceted tactile experience with the lips by capturing it in various material renditions like crayons, pencil art works and even pillow cushions.”

She has also curated various art exhibits back in the UK and worked on installations, including a live-sized ginger house made entirely out of bread. Curious how she pulled that one off? Check it out

When asked about where she gets her inspirations from, she candidly shares that it is during moments of transition, like on her walk home or while riding the bus. “It’s during moments in transit that I feel most compelled to get creative because there is nothing else do to”, Lucy explains. Her latest accessory line with the stylized cactus design was actually inspired during her walk through Mary’s, where cacti where being sold left and right. The forest abstracts seen on her pendant jewelry and bowties, on the other hand, was first conceived during one of her journeys on a train.

It seems that from the moment Lucy set foot in a new country to seemingly mundane moments in transit, this Maker does not waste any idle time in pursuing her craft and dream. Visit Fabrikanterne to get to know more about the Maker behind LucyReadArt. We hope to see you!

Photo credit:
Trine Athawes