Lucy Read

Kunstner fra England

I am an artist, designer and creative facilitator from the UK, with a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Textiles Contemporary Dialogues.
My work explores the idea of the transitional space through tactility, intimacy and proximity, often bringing people together through creative means. I am passionate about the exploration of process and materials, with the experience of making as important to me as the final outcome. I often work with different techniques, using textiles, drawing, printing, sculpture and digital technologies, choosing the most appropriate material that strengthens the concept. My work varies in size from small tactile crayon sculptures to large installations that fill a gallery space or interactive art experiences in a bed.
When I am not making in my workspace I facilitate workshops for adults and children. These workshops are focused around networking and team building, creative skills and process or just coming together to have fun, make connections and develop a sense of wellbeing.

When I found out in the Autumn of 2015 that I would be moving to Denmark I began researching the area and looking for creative workspaces with like-minded people where I could continue my creative practice. A friend recommended Fabrikanterne and within two weeks of arriving in Denmark I had moved in to the workspace and felt right at home. I love having a space at Fabrikanterne as it is so welcoming, the space is filled with energy, adaptable and always changing. For me it is great to have this space to come to every day especially when I first arrived in Denmark, it has enabled me to continue my work, create a network, learn some Danish and make some great friends.

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